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Brand Protection and anti-counterfeiting,
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Founded in 2011, but with more than 35 years combined industry experience, Back Four protect brands from counterfeiting and brand abuse.

We help brands tackle the issue of counterfeiting and brand abuse, providing strategies to reduce the issue, protecting and enhancing revenues.

Working with enforcement agencies throughout the world, we support their efforts with the identification and seizure of counterfeit product.

We educate consumers about counterfeit product and assist with the identification of fake merchandise.

We provide resources to assist enforcement agencies and consumers to identify counterfeit product.

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Results-driven brand protection solutions

We provide comprehensive brand protection and anti-counterfeiting services, with the aim of reducing the supply of, and demand for, counterfeit product.

Defending global brands from counterfeiting and brand abuse

We are passionate about brand protection and committed to aligning the efforts of brand holders, enforcement agencies and consumers, to tackle the issue in an efficient manner.

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