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We want to help consumers avoid fake goods

Counterfeiting is on the increase and advances in technology means it can be very difficult to tell if a product is counterfeit. We are therefore here to assist consumers, authenticating product and providing advice about why and how to avoid fake merchandise.

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We want to help consumers avoid fake product and we encourage information relating to the manufacture, distribution and sale of counterfeit merchandise

Specialist IP Advice

Read our articles and find guidance on how to avoid purchasing fake product.

Report a Counterfeit

Spotted or bought a fake? Report here and we will attempt to take action.

Website Checker

Check if a website is selling authentic or counterfeit merchandise.

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If you require help or assistance, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you.

Website Checker

Check whether a website sells authentic merchandise.

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Report Counterfeiting

Have you purchased a fake, or are aware of counterfeit product? Report to us confidentially and we will attempt to take action and put a stop to this trade.

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Working with enforcement agencies globally, undertaking action against the counterfeit trade