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Counterfeiting, anything but a victimless crime: Harms and risks associated with fake goods

We put two Tottenham Hotspur shirts head to head in a battle of quality, longevity, shape, fit and colour. One counterfeit, one official.
Which one kept close to the original purchase condition? We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Shirts Unworn – Day 1

The images show that the counterfeit product is a close copy of the official shirt, although under closer inspection there are some issues with stitching and branding.

Shirts worn 10 times and washed 10 times

It didn’t take long for the counterfeit product to show its true colours. With only 10 washes the AIA logo has started to peel away. Stitching had also started to come lose around the logo and inside.

Shirts worn 15 times and washed 15 times

Once the signs of wear started to show on the counterfeit shirt – they didn’t stop. The logo completely peeled away and the ‘Authentic Nike’ badge also began to peel away from the fabric. You may also notice the fabric looks more worn.

Back Four Comments:

Counterfeiters are making products that are close copies of official products. Fact. But the Wash and Wear test shows how important it is to know how to spot a fake.
For the first few wears the Tottenham Hotspur Counterfeit shirt faired in a similar way to the official but then cracks started to appear. It’s important to look at the bigger picture with counterfeit product and not buy on impulse. Where was this shirt made, who by, in what conditions, is it fit for purpose and good value?

You can’t return a counterfeit product, you’re not protected, and your consumer rights don’t exist when it comes to fakes.

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